Latex Glue Machine for universal use

Latex Glue Machine for universal use

Main customer : Table Calendar maker , Labeling on products, Wood plate ( not over 1 cm. thickness )

Description: Machine for single size gluing on paper , plastic , wood

  • Coating glue on material , slim coating and evenly

    Can be use with many kinds of glue like latex, PVA, PVB ,rice glue

  • Roller speed can be adjusted , higher speed of roller save quantities of glue
  • The paper thickness can be adjust easily by two knobs , ( from 80 gm of paper to 1 cm. of wood )
  • The machine is well designed and widely use. Most of customer can use it than 5 year. Machine body is stainless steel , the whole body is unique , easy to operate and wash after using.
  • DC motor running , no noisy , no vibration ( no wearing of parts ) less maintenance.

  Model available :460 mm, 600 mm, 700 mm. and 1000 mm  Price are about  32000  to  58000 Baht.


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